Florida Benefits of All Wheel Drive - Our #1 Question

The number one question we get when someone doesn't know a lot about Subaru is - "I live in Florida, why do I need All Wheel Drive?" The answer is simple.  In addition to the general safety that ALL Subaru models provide, AWD is the simply the safest driving system in Florida's rainy climate.  Did you know that Jacksonville actually receives more rain each year than Seattle, Washington?

As a Jacksonville resident for over 10 years now, I have personally witnessed what happens when we get one of our frequent spring or summer downpours.  Traffic increases dramatically, emergency flashers go on, and people throw caution to the wind.  You've probably witnessed someone hydroplaning on a rainy road or the result afterwards.   All Wheel Drive means that all four wheels propel the vehicle forward, so the car can continue to go forward even if one or two wheels lose traction due to slippery surfaces! Some people even say it's twice as safe as your average two wheel drive car.

All Wheel Drive vehicles also have the ability to drive off road or on uneven terrain.  Most two wheel drive vehicles just can't handle that.  It's ideal for driving through muddy surfaces, through shallow water, or even on St. Augustine's beautiful beaches.

The proof is in the pudding really.  Subaru is the only manufacturer to have all of its vehicles selected as IIHS Top Safety Picks.   With it's safety aspect, All Wheel Drive to help you through the rainy Florida days, performance, and fun - Subaru is the ideal vehicle for the Jacksonville community.

Come test drive a Subaru today to feel the benefit of All Wheel Drive performance, handling, and safety for yourself.  Rain or shine! 

Thanks for reading,

Peyton Toomey
Marketing Director
Subaru of Jacksonville
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