Protecting your Pets in your Subaru!

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Protecting your Furry Friend in your Subaru this Summer


With summer temperatures at an all-time high, it's important to consider your furry friend this summer as you are traveling or transporting your pet in your Subaru.   As we posted on our Facebook page recently, temperatures in your car can rise to deadly highs within minutes of turning a vehicle off.   It's important to be aware of these temperatures, as well as tips to keep your pet safe and happy while riding in your Subaru.


-Keep a bowl and a cool, fresh bottle of water on hand at all times.


-Always keep a leash with you for emergencies and to restrain if necessary.  Use the leash for entering and exiting the car for maximum safety.


-For long car rides, keep toys and treats to reward good behavior and keep your animal entertained.


-If your pet does not do well in the car, take them for a long walk beforehand to tire them out, so they will sleep as you are driving.  Calming treatments and sprays can also be helpful.  A visit to your local veterinarian can provide you with these items.


-When traveling with multiple pets, consider dog crates so the animals do not get rambunctious or tangled in with each other.


-Always keep a first aid kit on hand.


-Remember the Don'ts: It's extremely dangerous to leave pets unattended and unrestrained in the car, unless they are very well behaved.   It's also very dangerous to have dogs hanging out the window or in your lap.


-Don't open the window more than the animal can fit through!


-Have fun!


Subaru lovers are Pet Lovers.  Subaru designs each of its vehicles with your pet in mind.  If you follow these  tips and use common sense, your furry friend will be riding with you in your Subaru for many years to come.  Did I miss anything?  Let me know in the comments section.  Thanks for reading! 

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