Something is going on. It's subtle. Happening little by little, day by day, expanding, and making some people very nervous.

It's no surprise that the Subaru brand is growing in the U.S. and continues to post double digit gains - limited only by available inventory. What is surprising is what people are trading in to buy their first Subaru.


One need only look at Subaru of Jacksonville's used car inventory to see what people are trading in. Since we typically don't buy non-Subaru cars at auction, what you see is a pretty fair indication of the type of competitive vehicles people were driving before they "discovered" that Subaru is the perfect car for Florida.

In large numbers people are trading in Accords and Camrys for Legacys, Civics and Corollas for Imprezas, and RAV4s and CR-Vs for Foresters. You will notice that American nameplates are also being traded in large numbers for Subarus. If only Subaru offered a pick-up truck...

We are also seeing more luxury European brands on our lot such as Mercedes, Audi and Volvo. These buyers typically buy fully loaded Outbacks or Legacys. Subaru's symmetrical all-wheel drive, handling performance, outstanding safety and #1 rated EyeSight System are a strong draw for these buyers. A fair number of customers have left behind BMWs for the thrill of driving a BRZ or WRX-STI (and save money doing it).

If you are considering a new or used Subaru in Florida and have never driven one before, please let Subaru of Jacksonville, Florida's #1 Subaru-only dealership, show you the advantages of owning a Subaru. But first, take a quick look at our used car inventory to see the competitive vehicles people like you (or someone you know) have driven in the past and traded in for a Subaru.

And if you just have to buy a used competitive brand, Subaru of Jacksonville has a large selection at fantastic prices - because we need to move them out to make room for more new Subarus!