When you invest in a new car, you’re doubtlessly investing in the idea of reliability.


Particularly as most people want their vehicles to safely carry their whole family for years to come, it’s no wonder that so many manufacturers today offer warranties and other service agreements for their inventory.


But, what about extended warranties? How, exactly, can they help you?


Allow us to explain:


Beating Overblown Bills


Before we dive into the specifics, let’s cut to the chase — extended warranties prevent you from getting slammed with pricey bills for repairs, parts, and labor.


“The biggest benefit of an extended warranty is that it can save you money if your car needs a costly repair that’s covered under your contract,” according to Credit Karma. “Instead of paying the entire bill out of pocket, you’d only be responsible for covering the deductible (if you have one) — and then the warranty provider would pay for the rest, so long as the issue is included in the service contract.”


Particularly if your car is older or has already accrued high mileage, the extended warranty is likely to kick in and save your wallet some grief when it comes time to ensure it’s still reliably road-ready.


Plus, many extended warranties are transferable. Thus, if you choose to sell your vehicle in favor of a new one, you can increase the overall resale value of the vehicle itself.


The Freedom of Flexibility


While many consumers today look at warranties for the explicit purpose of saving money on repairs, that’s not where the benefits stop.


“Because original warranties provided by auto manufacturers vary with regard to mileage and time limits,” JD Power explains, “companies that provide extended warranties offer a greater variety of products and services than in the past.”


For example, some extended warranties may feature flexibility in terms of towing costs, roadside assistance, rental cars, and more.


Thus, it’s of the utmost importance that you both read the fine print and ask your dealer to ensure no small detail has gone overlooked.


Providing Peace of Mind


In short, life is unpredictable. And where unpredictability meets your vehicle? Well, that’s the intersection of financial anxiety. Thankfully, “no matter the exact type, extended warranties are an investment in peace of mind that limits financial risk for a set period of time,” Consumer Reports affirms.


And who better to seek an extended warranty with than your locally owned, operated, and trusted Subaru of Jacksonville?


Not only do we offer lifetime powertrain warranties, but we also provide two-year complimentary maintenance warranties and agreements that will ensure the road ahead is smooth and steady.


So, why wait when SOJAX is on your side? To learn more, contact our team today by calling 904-641-6455 or visit www.sojax.com! We look forward to providing you with ultimate satisfaction.

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