As the road stretches out before you, we feel certain that you’ll relish in the reclaimed freedom of travel afforded to you by our upcoming summer months.


But before you shift gears (both literally and metaphorically) and prepare to drive forward into your long-awaited vacation, there’s one question left that begs to be asked: Are you and your car prepared?


After all, travel in and of itself is not something to be taken lightly. That’s why we’re here to help you check off your boxes and ensure your safety prior to hitting the road.


Warming Up To Preparation Plans


“Regular maintenance such as tune-ups, oil changes, battery checks, and tire rotations go a long way toward preventing breakdowns,” the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) explains.


Thus, ensuring your car has been serviced and is in optimal condition prior to driving is crucial in ensuring a safe and timely commute. Similarly, be sure you are familiar with all of your vehicle’s features and, even if you feel confident in your knowledge of your car, make sure the vehicle manual is with you while on the road.


Prior to departure, you may also want to construct a checklist, including:

  • Checking for recalls regarding your vehicle’s make and model

  • Stocking your vehicle with chargers, flashlights, and any repair tools or jumper cables that may be necessary

  • Planning your route and checking the weather prior to leaving

  • Testing your air-conditioning

  • And more


Staying Cool While On The Go


No matter how eager you are to reach your destination, the key to being able to enjoy your trip and/or vacation to the fullest is to first arrive safely.


“Obeying speed limits and reducing your speed in changing weather conditions reduces the probability and severity of a crash,” according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLMSMV) “All motorists must obey speed limits and are responsible for knowing the speed limit on the roadway.”


On a similar note, remaining cool, calm, and collected while on the road can save lives. After all, aggressive driving is dangerous driving, which not only puts you and your passengers in harm’s way but may also cause injury to those sharing the road with you.


Otherwise, some simple on-the-go precautions may include:

  • Staying alert behind the wheel

  • Taking regular breaks

  • Switching off with another capable driver during long trips

  • Keeping the car air-conditioned while pets and children are inside

  • And more


Navigating The Road To Success


All that being said, if you’re ready and eager to hit the road, Subaru of Jacksonville is here to help you buckle up, adjust your mirrors, and embark on your adventure for the coming season!


Whether you’re due for your regular tune-up or you simply want to double-check the status of your tires before crossing state lines, our service team is ready and waiting to keep you safe in your new or certified pre-owned Subaru.


Oh, and don’t forget to beat the heat with our A/C special this summer! Not only will we provide you with a full visual system inspection, but we’ll also make sure your Subaru has received a vent temperature test, system freon charge, and cabin air filter installation before you pull out your GPS for the trip to come.


So, if you’re ready to learn more about how SOJAX can help you stay so cool, so comfortable, and so safe this summer, then contact us today by calling 904-641-6455!