With the latest 2022 models launching even before the launch of the new year itself, you may be wondering what, exactly, to expect from the newest Subaru vehicles.


Simple: In a world where on-road safety is a top concern for drivers of all ages, we’ve prioritized the integration of intuitive technology into a variety of 2022 makes and models.


So, if protective systems are your primary focus this year, allow us to present you with our top three technological innovations for the newest Subaru lineup:

  1. Standard EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology


This technology is designed to enhance a driver’s comfort and control of the vehicle by providing state-of-the-art support while on the road. In fact, this encompasses everything from steering and braking to general traffic monitoring.


Regardless of whether you are embarking on a long-awaited road trip or braving your daily commute to work, Subaru’s 2022 EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology will render the road safer.


Specifically, this feature…

  • Optimizes the cruise control function

  • Detects and warns you when you sway out of your lane

  • Initiates an emergency braking system in the event of a collision

  • And more

  1. Subaru DriverFocus® Distraction Mitigation System


Essentially acting as a digital co-pilot, Subaru’s 2022 DriverFocus® Distraction Mitigation System provides the driver with an alert should they become drowsy or distracted while at the wheel.


“Unlike the majority of driver monitoring systems which are based on evaluating changes in driving behavior, Subaru DriverFocus uses facial recognition technology that evaluates changes in the driver’s eye and head movements,” JD Power explains of the innovative system. “The technology uses a camera integrated into a module at the top of the dashboard.”


Designed for both new and veteran drivers alike, this feature is also capable of storing individualized data on up to five different drivers, including their seat position, mirror preferences, and more.

  1. All-Around Awareness Technologies


Your protection is practically promised this year thanks to our All-Around Awareness Technologies. Integrated into most of our newest 2022 models, this comprehensive suite features a variety of technological systems engineered specifically to enhance your safety.


The Blind-Spot Detection system, for example, detects when another vehicle enters your blind spot(s) and warns you accordingly via side mirror indicators. Similarly, the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert system can identify when surrounding traffic approaches you from behind, consequently providing you with a timely warning as you back up.


Finally, our newest Reverse Automatic Braking is also available, wherein your vehicle will automatically brake and stop itself in the event that you are at risk of colliding with objects behind you.


So, are you ready to set out with your family in the safest vehicles available? Then it’s time to visit SOJAX!


Here at Subaru of Jacksonville, we remain committed to providing our customers with industry-leading vehicles and upgrades, as well as leasing options for all makes and models. No matter your preference, SOJAX can help keep you so satisfied while on the go!


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