Being able to effectively move forward with ease and confidence can be a challenge, seeing as no one can see the future. And when it comes to your car, smooth forward motion is arguably the most important factor to driving, in general.


That’s why, after having your vehicle for about five years, ensuring your powertrain is covered in the event of an emergency is integral to safe travel.


In that case, why not consider a lifetime powertrain warranty?


Appreciating the Pulse of the Powertrain


Defined as “the intervening mechanism by which power is transmitted from an engine to a propeller or axle that it drives,” powertrains are essentially the heart and soul of a vehicle’s propulsion.


To break it down, some of the primary elements of the powertrain include:

  • The Engine - produces both torque and power

  • The Transmission - controls the engine’s power depending on what gear the driver is in

  • The Axles - directs the power from the transmission to the wheels themselves

  • And more


And if you’ve wondered why you’ve heard plenty about this particular component in recent years, it’s because it has helped to revolutionize driver control in modern cars.


According to a study published by Science Direct, “powertrain systems solidified electronic control technology in vehicles, from motorcycle engines to the latest high-end powertrain technology in diesel, spark ignition, hybrid and electric vehicles.”


The “Why” of a Powertrain Warranty


Powertrain warranties come in handy in that the aforementioned parts are both costlier to fix and also essential to the overall operation of the vehicle. That is, all of the elements are interdependent and cannot function properly if another one is broken or otherwise impaired.


Thus, even when only one factor fails to work properly, you could easily rack up a higher-than-expected repair bill.


For this reason, powertrain warranties are often offered as extended warranties or lifetime warranties that go into effect following the exhaustion of all original factory warranties on a vehicle.


Consequently, powertrain warranties are most commonly used by drivers who retain their car for long periods of time and accrue high mileage.


So Reliable with SOJAX


“Car buyers crave reliability,” Consumer Reports affirms. “95 percent of new- and used-car shoppers rank it high when choosing a car.”


And when you know that you’ll be spending several days at a time on the road? You’ll want nothing less than reliability and peace of mind when it comes to your powertrain.


That’s why, here at Subaru of Jacksonville, we offer lifetime powertrain warranties for high mileage drivers!


And if you only use your vehicle for short commutes and everyday errands? No problem. We offer two-years’ worth of complimentary maintenance as an alternative for those who will not find an immediate use for the powertrain coverage.


In short, the road ahead looks smooth and clear when you drive with SOJAX. To learn more about our lifetime warranty, contact our team today by calling 904-641-6455 or visit!

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