SOJAX Loves the Earth!


Here on Florida's First Coast, we are lucky to live amidst flourishing wildlife, lush trails,
effervescent aquatic ecosystems, and more. That's why we're committed to enhancing
educational opportunities for the love of our Earth - because passing on the environmental
passion for generations to come is how we can keep the First Coast thriving!
Specifically, because Subaru of Jacksonville loves to learn, our team is proud to be a sponsor of
the St. Johns River Keeper Ecotours. These tours provide families and homeschooled students
with the opportunity to discover the history, ecology, and issues facing the St. Johns River in a
hands-on setting.

Education and the environment go hand-in-hand. In fact, we think it's a natural pairing!
Do you love to learn as much as SOJAX? Then Contact us today to learn more!