Subaru Service and Car Care Tips

Subaru of Jacksonville, Florida's #1 Subaru-Only dealer, provides important Subaru Care and Maintenance Tips below. Simply click on the image you want to learn more about or call us at 904-641-6455 and see if your question can stump us!






By properly maintaining your Subaru, you will extend the life of your vehicle and save on repair bills. On this page Subaru of Jacksonville shows how you can check all your Subaru fluids in 60 seconds (and how often they should be checked).  We show you the importance of proper tire inflation and wear and why that is so important on an AWD Subaru. You'll learn Subaru car tips, tricks, and what to watch out for during daily driving. Subaru check engine light? It may be as simple as a loose gas cap. We even explain how you can get FREE wiper blades from Subaru.
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